22 years in the market support us

Klimet offers you the largest variety of products in profiles for the body, industrial and special market. We have an extensive assortment of materials for the manufacture of your refrigerated, refreshing and specialized bodies.

Our extensive range of bodywork fittings such as bolts, hinges, gaskets, beams, loaders and an extensive range of other hardware are at your disposal. We offer to the market leveling in sheet, cut to measure, application of vinyl, slitteado and fold, in profiles of aluminum cut to measure and manufacture of special pieces. Come and visit our showroom in our SERVICE CENTER, where you will find all our products installed and easily illustrated in our incredible exhibition.

Our mission

Generate specialized products through the automation of processes and integral services.

Our vision

Expand the variety of products and specialized services positioning ourselves with greater participation in the preference of the customers and the market in general.

Our objectives
  • Process automation
  • Opening of new markets for specialized products
  • Growth of traditional markets
  • Improve the performance of processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
Our values
  • LEADERSHIP: I must guide my person, my actions and the assigned personnel, towards the achievement of the objectives quickly and effectively.
  • HONESTY: I must act well and act according to truth and justice respecting others and myself.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Obligation that we have to fulfill and respond with what we commit ourselves and assume the consequences of our actions.
  • LOYALTY: Commitment to defend the laws of fidelity and honor.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Dedicate ourselves to doing what corresponds to us in an ethical way and committed to achieving excellence.