Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are subject to change without notice, including the materials covered by this order can be adjusted according to the international price of aluminum, so, in case of increase or variation in the price agreed or established in a percentage greater than 30 % of the price, the seller must notify the buyer and he will have the option to cancel the order, as long as it is not a special product or an advance payment has been negotiated previously.
  • The buyer agrees to pay the present invoice in a single exhibition and at the time of the issuance of the respective invoice or receipt, and in case the buyer does not fully or partially cover the amount to be paid, it will cause an interest to reason of 5% monthly or fraction of a month. The buyer recognizes and formalizes the debt in a promissory note in terms of article 173 of the General Law of Credit Securities and Operations.
  • The lack of cancellation or written objection from the buyer to the seller, within the first 3 days of the order being made, shall constitute a tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions expressed in this contract.
  • The seller guarantees that the product (s) it disposes of are in the best conditions for its use, and in case there is any defect or manufacturing anomaly exclusively (noticeable to the naked eye), the buyer must notify the seller in writing within 5 days after the product is received, making the defective product (s) available for inspection by the seller. For anomalies not visible to the naked eye, the buyer must notify the seller in writing within 30 days from the receipt of the product, making available him or the defective products for inspection of the seller. In case of defect or anomaly, the seller will repair or replace it without charge to the buyer.
  • The seller does not grant any guarantee of coupling or marketing, (that is to say, for the use that the client gives to the product, because the facilities, and calculations of resistance in the products already installed are the responsibility of the buyer), or any other is not agreed upon in this contract and is related to the specific use of a market or need; likewise, the product warranty will not extend to the use of the buyer or third parties.
  • In case there are damages or missing goods, the buyer must notify the damage or missing in writing, at the time of delivery of the product or products, describing what the damage or missing.
  • The shipment or delivery to the buyer must be made by the means specified by the seller, due to the security and handling of the merchandise; Likewise, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer and the seller will not be responsible for the damages or losses generated during the transportation of the merchandise, for which reason the seller is exempt from all responsibility for the transportation of these, being the carrier responsible for any damage for this item.
  • The seller will not be responsible for any delay in delivery, whether due to force majeure, fortuitous event, mechanical breakdowns, strikes, lack of inventory in the aluminum mills or any other cause.
  • Returns and cancellations by the buyer must be in writing within seven calendar days after the date of purchase agreement, if the order is already in process or is complete can not be canceled, the returns of materials requested with cuts made to measure by the buyer or in special materials will not be accepted for return or cancellation; in cases where the return or cancellation is appropriate, you must pay 20% for administrative fee on the price of the material to be returned or canceled, there is no refund in cash, it will be exclusively in sales materials. The materials to return must be in perfect condition.
  • In the case of returns, there will be no refunds, unless, in cases where there are manufacturing defects in the product, the seller authorizes in writing the refund of the money paid by the buyer.
  • All profiles and sheets of aluminum and stainless steel are marketed based on theoretical weights stipulated by Klimet, S.A. of C.V. and not to real weight, since it is not marketed by weighing, but based on a theoretical weight.
  • Klimet Markets its products and materials in the form of delivery under the term L.a.b. metropolitan area of Guadalajara or L.a.b. Klimet Service Center, except for another agreement with client in writing and signed by our company's legal representative.
  • All the cuts made in our Service Center comply with the Standard AA (Aluminum Association) where it determines in profiles +/- 1 mm. per linear meter and +/- 1 mm. per linear meter, in both cases less than 1 m. linear applies according to standard cut +/- 2 to 3 mm per adjustment / piece.

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